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Chrome/Firefox extension: authentication popup asking for username and password

Steve Avery
posted this on July 04, 2013 05:17 PM

If you receive this popup inside of Chrome or Firefox asking for a username and password:


Please update Hola to the latest version on

This is a bug we're fixing!

Note: If you've uninstalled Hola, but keep getting this popup, please reinstall from and then uninstall again

If the problem persists, send us an email and include the following information:

  • What operating system are you using?
  • What browser and what version (Chrome: menu > about Chrome; Firefox: alt > help > about Firefox)
  • Does the popup disappear when you click refresh or ok button, or does it come back?
  • Is Hola enabled or disabled when you get this popup (click inside Hola to check)?
  • Are any Google rules enabled on the Unblocker demo list on the settings page? (If so which ones)
  • What other extensions or add-ons are installed?

Additional information to send:

Chrome users:

  • Open Chrome
  • Make sure Hola is enabled and turn the site you're trying to Unblock off and on in the Unblocker page
  • Go to chrome://net-internals
  • Click "Reset" in the top red bar
  • In another tab, go to site you're trying to access
  • Immediately go back to the net-internals page and hit "Stop"
  • Click "Export" link on left hand side of page
  • Inside the text box write "popup" then click "Dump to file"
  • Send me this .json file along with the zagent number you see inside the popup (for example

Firefox users:

  • Open Firefox
  • go to about:config
  • click Continue/allow on the warning message
  • then in the search bar type network.proxy
  • take a screenshot or send me the "Value" you see for these two entries:
  • network.proxy.autoconfig_url
  • network.proxy.type

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Imre Olen

You can bypass this:
Username: proxy
Password: E4QZSecBKSz48XxqjK6H

January 31, 2014 06:29 PM